Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mary’s Mystical Rose Call to God's People.

My Marian Shelters Will Be Little Prayer Communities Where All Will Pray and Work According to What They Know!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of God be with you and my maternal protection assists you.

I appeal to all my children who have the mission to host my Marian shelters the flock of my Son, who will flee persecution in the time of the Antichrist. Little children, it is time for you to refurbish my shelters, because after the Warning and Miracle which are so close, there will come the exile for the people of God.

Listen to what I say: My refuges must be consecrated to the Heart of my Son and my Immaculate Heart; they must be enthroned by one of my ministers during the celebration of Holy Mass. From that moment on they become Marian shelters and places of protection and shelter for my children. They will be guarded by Angels day and night and they cease to be places of the world, and become Remnant churches.

Every 13th of the month, my son and I, your Mother, will descend to bless you spiritually. That day will be of fasting and prayer and Holy Mass should be celebrated, before night‘s fall at 6:00 pm, the time for my Angelus, we will come down and we will bless you. We will also bless your provisions, animals and crops, so that you are never short of food in our shelters.

The shelters will be forts of prayer, spiritual places where my children will find: peace, comfort, shelter, material and spiritual nourishment, and most importantly, the presence of God. My Marian Shelter’s will be small prayer communities where everyone will pray and work according to what they know to do. Every day will be of prayer and work; you will assign the morning hours until 12 noon for prayer and meditation on the Word of God, you will celebrate Mass at 7:00 am., at 12 noon and at 6:00 pm, you must ask me in prayer for me to send one of my ministers to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice and be one more of you in the shelters.

The afternoon hours will be allotted for work, only stopped at 3:00 pm, for the hour of mercy. All who remain in my shelters ought to contribute their work, doing what you know to do. In the hours of the night after supper, you will be in continuous prayer, while some rest, others will pray and so on. Prayer will be the flame which will light my shelters. In my shelters there will be no worldly distractions, no radios, no telephones, no televisions, no computers, nothing to disturb the peace, prayer and meditation.

The inhabitants of my refuge are to be divided into the 12 tribes of Israel*, each tribe will have a leader who will coordinate the tasks to be performed by the group. Each month my concierge, ie the person who runs my refuge, will collect the concerns of each tribe and on the 13th of each month, we will be presented them and through our instruments we will indicate and guide you on what to do. Nothing will be done at the shelters without consulting with our two hearts. The will of God will be done in our shelters and His commandments will be fulfilled.

Our shelters will prepare you for life in the New Jerusalem. All of God's people will be protected; no sheep of my Son’s flock will be lost. Some will be in shelters in the bush, for others their houses shall be shelters, no sheep will be unprotected. Prepare for the days of your purification approach. Your Mother who loves you, Mary Mystical Rose.

* These are the names of the twelve tribes of Israel:

Judah, Simeon, Benjamin, Dan, Ephraim, Manasseh, Issachar, Zebulon, Asher, Naphtali, Reuben, Gad. Its mission the creation of the new Kingdom of Israel in the New Jerusalem.

Note: The descendants of Levi, were devoted to the priesthood and received no territory.

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