Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, December 6, 2013

Mary’s, Mystical Rose, Appeal to the Children of God.

Enjoy with Family This Last Time of Mercy Which Heaven Gives You!


Little children may the peace of God and this Mother’s love be with you.

From the moment that my adversary makes his statement, and makes him known to the world, will begin the last three and half years of his reign; which will be total purification for the people of God. Again I say to my little children that you should not fear, because this Mother, which loves you so much, will not allow forces of evil hurt you.

Remember, that everything will happen so fast, if you remain attached to our two Hearts, you will suffer for it is purification, but it will be more bearable. The economic purification will be one of the strongest that you will have to overcome, as no one will sell anything if you do not have the beast’s mark. Everything is ready, nations, serving my adversary, have all planed; the entire montage is ready to announce to mankind the coming of the false messiah.

The war is already planned; it just needs to run out the last second of my mercy, to begin the final reign of my adversary. Do not be afraid, children of light, heaven will not forsake you, if you stay firm and loyal to God on the tests. Fear not the transformation of creation, everything will move, but you will remain intact as one wise man that raised his house on the rock.

Nations serving my adversary will be those with strongest chastisement of the Divine Justice. God’s children, who are living in any of these wicked nations, will be notified by heaven a week before the Divine punishment so they have time to get out and take refuge in places that this Mother will show through her instruments.

Enjoy with family this last time of mercy which heaven gives you! Share with your family and strengthen the ties that unite you; love one another and forgiving each other so that tomorrow when the days of Divine Justice arrive you may be able to remain united in the Love of God, and no one and nothing can separate you.

Do not forget to pray for those in more need of Divine Mercy in your families for they do not turn away from the path of salvation during the trials which are approaching.

Live present, do not plan future, because past and future do not exist; God is an eternal present and thus you should live in this way too; love, forgive, fulfill the Holy Precepts and fear not. Trust and always trust in God’s Love and in His Perfect Love that can do everything, and will help you to overcome all tests. Do not lose your faith for tomorrow you can say: I am citizen of heaven and beyond the sun I have a home, where my Father and my Mother are waiting for me, beyond the sun.

Thy Mother, who loves you: Mary Mystical Rose.

Make known my messages, little children of my heart

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