Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, January 13, 2014

Father God’s Call to Mankind.

O How Much Pain and Death Will Bring to My Creatures and My Creation Misuse of the Human Technology!


My people, my heirs, peace be with you

Celestial phenomena are manifesting thus you will know that it is about the triumphant return of my Son. My creation is in full transformation; do not be afraid for what you will see, because it will come many heavenly manifestations and the earth will suffer great changes, keep calm and pray; everything that you will see is part of the God’s plan to purify His creation and creatures.

The birds will migrate very soon and marine life for misuse of man technology will begin to disappear. The man will be victim of his own inventions and the transformation of creation, which will bring weeping and sorrow many nations. The technology of death will be reversed against mankind; the nuclear plants will be destabilized when the earth starts to moan like a woman in labor. O how much pain and death will bring to my creatures and my creation misuse of the human technology!

Many nations will disappear in time of the war; the anxiety of power and expansionism of the kings of this world will bring death and desolation. O humanity comeback to me, you still have bell strokes of hope and mercy; I assure you, that if you return now I will not punish you as your sins deserved! Happy are those who today rest in the peace of the Lord, happy are those whom have been forgiven their sins, and happy are those who trust in the Lord, because they will see His Glory, and they will be inhabitants of His new creation.

My people flee from persecution, the blood of my innocents cries out justice; the blood of my martyrs cries out justice, and the weeping of my creation cries out justice. Fear not my people, very soon my righteousness will restore order and law, and the evil doers will be erased from the face of earth.

O ungrateful and sinful humanity, turn your eyes to your Creator, for the night is arriving! Do not follow ignoring my calls, because when my Justice comes I will not listen to you. Listen and let your rebellion. Remember that I am not pleased with the death of sinner, welcome me, and you will attain mercy, hear my prophets of these last times because this is thy Father, who is speaking to you through my messengers. Let your stubbornness and spiritual deafness because what is at stake is your salvation.

I am waiting with my arms open as all good fathers await their children. Do not let my extended merciful hands: I do not want your death but rather you live with me eternally.

Thy Father Yahweh, Lord of Nations.

Make known my messages to all mankind, men of good will.

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