Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, March 7, 2014

God’s, the Father, Urgent Call to Humanity.

The Whole Universe Will Shake Up Shortly, and Fire from Heaven Will Fall Down on Earth in Direction of Impious Nations!


Peace be with you men of good will

Fire in chain from the earth’s entrails very soon will sprout out and it will move Earth’s axis, causing that the rotation of earth be more accelerated and shortened the days, months and years remaining until the triumphant return of my Son. The great dragon of the North’s Country is about to awaken, and the Babylon of the last times will suffer. Its arrogance and rebellion will beat down; all its prepotency and its science of nothing will serve. Fire, sulfur, ashes, weeping and pain will bring mourning to many of its cities. Much part of the territory, which is in the pacific fringe until the southern end of the continent, will disappear.

My creation will wobble and moan out as woman in labor, and its woe will be feeling on all ends of earth. Continents will move and tectonic plates will displace to give beginning to my New Creation. Woe! Woe of the inhabitants of earth, because they will not find safe place when my creation starts to move! My children, my heirs, do not lose your head, do not let panic seizes you; the best thing to do at that purification time is to pray, do penance, beg to your Heavenly Father so that these days be more bearable, and that everything be according with my Holy Will.

Again I say: the science of men of these last times cannot stop the passing of my Righteousness. The whole universe will shake up shortly, and fire from heaven will fall down on earth in direction of impious nations! They are all those nations away from me, where the blood of my innocents is shed, where the unfair laws of its rulers and legislators oppress my people. All those nations that have approved abortion, and have enacted laws in favor of sodomy and other sins of nature; where my people is persecuted, tortured and murdered. All these nations will be pulverized by the fire of my justice, as Sodom and Gomorrah, they will disappear forever, and they will no longer be remembered.

Time of my great justice is drawing close, and the foolish continue without believe, they follow everyday life as in time of Noah and Lot; history is repeating and 2/3 parts of humanity of these last times will disappear by the passing of my Divine Justice. O foolish! The hour is arriving! What are you waiting to return to me? Look that heaven is showing you signals that all is about to begin; see the decadence of this world, and hear the rumors of war here or there. Hear the celestial trumpets sounding and announcing that the night is arriving, and with it the time of my justice. And you foolish still sleeping without realize that at any moment all will change and there will be no turning back.

Woe to those who worship the money god, because very soon it will fall! What sadness I feel to see so many who have given me back, and they have put their trust and security in this god, which is work of human hands! Poor of you idolaters, because your worldly gods are about to fall and you will be eternally lost! Turn your eyes to your creator, rebellious mankind; understands at once that I do not delight in your suffering neither in your death. Accept my offer of life and do not delay more your salvation, so that tomorrow you will not cry and lament in the depths of abyss, because I assure you that no one will listen.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of nations.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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