Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Call of Jesus, Blessed Sacrament, to His Flock.

I Am Your Joy and I Am in the Silence of Each Tabernacle, Come to Visit Me, and I Will Give It to You in Abundance!


Peace be with you, my children

O, what pain I feel for such ingratitude that I daily receive! My house is deserted and empty, and I am expecting my children, but there are very few, who comes to visit me and to console me. The vast majority enters, crossing themselves wrong, and they come out quickly; they do not reach to arrive to greet me when they are already out; my children, what have I done to my children to deserve such indiferece on your part? O what loneliness overwhelms my tabernacles, tears sprout out from my eyes seeing such despise and ingratitude from all those, who say they are my children!

Many are those, who follow me just from lips and ears, proclaiming that they are my children, but the reality is other, they are far away from me. They just look for me when illness, bad economy or serious problems afflict them, so yes; they come in tears demanding health or solution for their problems as soon as possible. They just look for me to shut off their fires; what sadness and pain feels my heart knowing that I am God just for the difficult times of my children!

When everything goes well there are very few who come to thank me, human of these last times is cold, heartless and calculating; they measure happiness based on material things that possess, and thinking that happiness is only given by economical stability. O what foolish and materialist thoughts which many manage! I tell you, unwise, that your god, money, will fall very soon, and this consumer society will disappear forever.

Happiness, plenitude and stability only come from me, who, I am the way, the truth and the life, and this joy is spiritual, which buys not with money. I have seen many wealthy, poor and many poor, wealthy, because happiness is not purchased or sold. O vanity of vanities, all in this world is vanity and foolishness of men. Seek God first and the rest will be added unto you. I am the happiness, come to me and I will give it to you in abundance.

Who can buy happiness? who life? or who joy? Who with all money of this world can buy these graces? Your money is not your happiness; your money only serves to buy dead things and fills the human heart with ego. Your idol just serves to give you a transitory joy that it lasts while you reached what was being sought. Later, man falls again into the monotony of his life, because man has not God. Today’s man has been creating necessities and, in this way spends their lives until death surprise them searching be happy.

I am your joy and I am in the silence of each tabernacle, come to visit me, and I will give it to you in abundance! Come closer to me; do not be afraid, I am a Father, who is always watching over you, expecting that you come closer and talk to me, so I will give you wellspring of blessings, and I will fill you up with my peace and my life.

I expect for you ungrateful children in my tabernacles, come to visit me and to console me, because I am about to depart.

Your Master: Jesus, Blessed Sacrament.

Make known this message to all mankind.

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