Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, June 26, 2015

Urgent Call from Saint Michael to the Militant Army.

Militant Army, Only Chain Prayer Will Bring Down the Fortified Walls of the Enemy


Glory be to God in heaven and on earth, and peace to people of good will

Praise the Most High as his mercy is eternal, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.

Seed from my Father. We are fighting strong spiritual battles in your world. The forces of evil have taken power through sin of this thankless humanity who refuses to accept God and comply with his precepts. In many nations the evil forces have established fortresses.

Entire nations today serve the prince of darkness and many have been consecrated to him. My Father has given us the order in Divine Will to rescue from the forces of evil those nations that have not been consecrated, but that its inhabitants through their sin and evil acts have allowed the demons to take possession of them. The nations consecrated to the prince of this world my Father will erase them form the face of the earth and will not be remembered.

Pray people of God for your nations; pray my Exorcism prayer dictated by my Father to his servant Leo XIII (Saint Michael the Archangel), so that it be allowed to Me and the Archangels and the angels of the Heavenly army, to fight alongside with you and liberate your nations from the power of darkness that today have subdued many of them. Remember that you, people of God are part of the Militant Army. Therefore, I Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Army, urge you to join in prayer to the Army of my Father so that together and by God's grace we expel Satan and all the evil spirits who wonder through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Militant Army, don't be passive actors, remember that you are now in the days of spiritual battle; pray, fast and do penance. Tie and enchain the evil forces and order them in Jesus' Name to exit from you and your nations. Pray my Exorcism prayer in chain throughout your nations, cities and places, asking first the Father for permission with the Lord’s prayer, so that He allows Us to assist you in all your spiritual battles and not be left alone, yes you count on our assistance.

Militant Army, only prayer in chain will bring down the enemy's fortresses! Unite in prayer chains by praying the Holy Rosary to our Mother and Queen, and she – our Captain, will be guiding you in the daily spiritual battle. The sorrowful mysteries of the Holy Rosary along with the Rosary of his Precious Blood and Wounds of our beloved Brother – Jesus, are powerful armor to defeat evil spiritual fortresses. Do it for your nations and do it worldwide so that you see the evil army tumble through the ground.

Militant Army, don't loosen on your prayers. Perform spiritual control and domain, as you know well that victory belongs to God's Children. Call me as often as you need me and I, your Prince, will come with my Father's Army to provide all the assistance you need. You know how to summon me, with my battle cry: Who like God? No one like God! Three times consecrate yourself to both Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and consecrate to Me and the Celestial Army, so that you become true spiritual warriors. May the peace of the Most High be with you.

Your servants and brothers, Michael Archangel, and the Archangels, and Angels of the Celestial Militia

Glory be to God, Glory be to God, Glory be to God

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