Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Urgent Appeal from Mary, Sanctifier of Mankind.

The Day of My Adversary’s World-Wide Declaration is Coming!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of God be with you.

Very soon mankind will begin to walk through the desert of purification. My mortal adversary has begun to show himself in nations that have turned their back on my Son. Poor nations, because they are going to know the just wrath of God! Maitreya is already roaming through many countries and is continuing to prepare his disciples for the day that he reveals himself. Woe to those who walk in spiritual tepidity and woe to those who walk without God and without law, because they will be easy prey to the deception of my adversary!

The son of perdition has already been found indoctrinating his followers, and very soon he will reveal himself to mankind. People of God, be alert and vigilant! Beware of falling into deception, because you know full well that that is not my Son! The one who is about to reveal himself is the son of perdition, who comes to bring chaos, desolation and death in all the confines of the earth.

Little children, the bible of the Antichrist is now ready for distribution. The satanic bible will be given away and the sects that knock door to door will see to distributing it. Under no circumstances are you to change the Holy Word of God, through the deceit of my adversary! Beware of turning your back on the God of Life! Beware of opening the door of your home to the evil one!

The bible of my adversary is ritualized, so that the demons might take over your homes and destroy your families. All propaganda announcing the appearance of Maitreya is ready to be unveiled to mankind. All media that serve my adversary, will carry out a great propaganda campaign worldwide, announcing the appearance of the false messiah. My adversary is sensation-seeking and likes to stand out; be very careful and do not take in this propaganda, because there are myriad trappings around the emergence of Maitreya. All this propaganda is ritualized with occultism, so that whoever receives it may easily fall into deception and end up being a disciple of my adversary.

People of God, remain firm in your faith, because the deceiver is about to reveal himself. Parents, do not let your families be lost by your silence! I want this message to reach all the ends of the earth and all families, regardless of creed, race, or religion; what is at stake is the salvation of souls and many, for want of being informed, will be lost.

People of God, little children of my heart; the holograms that will appear very soon in the sky, representing my Son, are part of my adversary’s show. Pay no attention to that deception, because that is my adversary impersonating my Son. The day of my adversary’s world-wide declaration is coming. War between nations will be the platform that my adversary will use to make himself known to mankind. Pray, fast and do penance, my little children; because the days of anguish are approaching; prepare yourselves spiritually. Read the Holy Word of God, especially Daniel 12 and Matthew 24, so that when the son of perdition makes his appearance, you do not fall into deception. Little children, in every prayer cenacle may you discuss the prophecies of these last times and read the Holy Word of God, so that when the deceiver is revealed, you may remain steadfast in the faith.

May the peace of God be with you, and my blessing and maternal protection abide in you.

Your Mother, Mary the Sanctifier, loves you.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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