Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, July 15, 2016

Sanctuary of the Fallen Lord. (Girardota Antioch) Urgent Appeal from Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament to His Faithful People.

The Time Clock Has Already Started the Countdown for the Arrival of My Warning!


May My peace be with you, my children.

As the days go by, the arrival of my Warning is drawing closer and closer. Heaven is already prepared for this great event that will change the destiny of mankind and will divide it into two camps; those who follow God and His precepts and walk in the Light, and those who will definitely say no and continue in the doctrine of evil, walking in darkness, and definitely serving the master of darkness.

My Warning will unmask the children of darkness and my flock will never again be deceived by wolves in sheep's clothing. After my Warning the armies of good and evil will be ready and my people will know whom they will face and will no longer fear because the power of God will be their strength. The time clock has already started the countdown for the arrival of my Warning. Be prepared, my children, with good life confessions; Remain vigilant, with your lamps lit with prayer because your Master and Lord is drawing near and I am coming to ask you for an account of all your actions and deeds.

You are forewarned, so when that day comes it will find you awake and you will be able to accompany me to eternity. It is my wish that your way be joyful and peaceful, and not one of torment, regret and death. Again I say to you: Be ready and prepared, because very soon I will knock on the door of your soul. My Warning is closer than you think.

Your earthly body will, of course, remain in this world, but the eyes of your soul will open into eternity and your spiritual body will be judged in a small trial, based on your love of God and neighbor. You will know profoundly the love that the Ten Commandments hold and how by being broken by men’s sin, the harmony of the entire universe has been affected. The Divine Laws given to Moses on Mount Horeb are spiritual norms, which having been broken by sin have pulled creation out of sync and has affected mankind.

Everything was created in love and for love; man, by sinning, breaks the harmony of created things and leaves everything out of control, because man and the universe are connected spiritually. With this, my children, I want to show you all the harm that the sin of man has done to creation. Sin destabilizes the universe and endangers the life of mankind and creatures. Therefore, take all this into consideration, so that you do not continue destroying what my Father has so lovingly created.

My children, do not waste any more of your time in running here and there, like runaway colts; Stop worrying about the things and concerns of this world, because it will pass away soon. Rather, be more concerned for the salvation of your soul, because on my Warning depends whether you continue to live or to die for eternity. Rejoice, my people, because the day is approaching when you will see the Son of Man in all His Glory and Splendor. My Peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and convert, for the kingdom of God is near.

I am Your Lord and Savior, Jesus of the Blessed Sacrament.

My children, make known my messages to all mankind.

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