Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Urgent Appeal of Jesus ​​Of the Blessed Sacrament To. Humanity.

My Children, Pray for My Priests and Ministers, Because Many Are Being Lost Through Impurity, the New Age and the Comforts and Worries of This World!


My peace be with you, My children. My adversary has deployed spirits of division to bring separation and confusion in families and humanity. Pray, my children, with the Rosary of my Precious Blood, so that you can counteract these attacks. The power of my Blood is terror to the demons and deliverance to my faithful people; no Catholic Christian home should be without the Rosary of my Precious Blood because it is of great help and protection for my people in the spiritual battle of each day.

After my Mother’s Rosary, do the Rosary of my Precious Blood and I assure you that the forces of evil will not be able to touch you, nor do you any harm. Consecrate yourselves to the power of my Blood morning and night and extend the consecration to your families, relatives, friends and the whole world in general, so that you can remain victorious. Parents, I ask you to cover your children with my Blood and bless them, because the blessing of a father on his children has great power and is pleasing in the eyes of God!

Come to ME, with confidence, do not be afraid; the indifference of many hurts me so much! I am still with you, but the day is near when I will no longer be in the silence and solitude of my Sacraments. Take advantage and come visit me and I assure you that as you leave my House you will not be disappointed; I am the solution to all your problems; do not look for help from men, nor from strange gods, because I am your one and only true God. Draw near my house for the doors are open; I want us to chat as good friends. Remember that I have more to give you than you have to ask of Me.

My children, pray for My Priests and Ministers, because many are being lost through impurity, the New Age and the comforts and worries of this world. Adopt a priest spiritually and pray for him, because My adversary is attacking them and many are blindfolded and confused. There are many of My favored sons practicing New Age inside my Churches and the saddest part, making it happen as if it were divine. Many souls are being contaminated by the use of these pagan practices practiced by some of My favored sons. No practice of Reiki, yoga, meditation or channeling comes from Me. My Holy Spirit in essence is Life that is given to you, if you ask My Father with faith. My Holy Spirit does not need to be channeled, He dwells in the noble, humble and simple hearts and in all those who do the will of My Father. Be careful, My children, not to let priests who use these practices impose hands on you; Be very cautious because many false priests abound who claim to be channelers of energy!

Yoga, pendulums, hypnosis, regression, reiki, channeling, metaphysics, stones, mentalism and any other practice that seeks to bring healing with energy is not compatible with My doctrine and does not come from Me, but from My adversary. So, be careful, my flock, because the wolf moves around, dressed in sheepskin and disguised as an angel of light. Ask My Holy Spirit for much discernment and test the spirits, because the great deceiver is loose and is looking for many and even many of my elect to be lost. Be wise as serpents and meek and humble as doves; Pray at all times lest you fall into temptation, for temptations pervade this world and are causing many to fall. Therefore, walk as children of the light and use all the spiritual weapons that We have given you, so that you may be victorious in the spiritual combat of each day.

My Peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Teacher, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. My children, make known My messages to all mankind.

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