Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Urgent Appeal from Saint Michael and the Heavenly Militia to the People of God.

As Prince of the Heavenly Army I Appeal to You, Terrestrial Militia, to Be Ready and Prepared, Because the Time of Spiritual Combat in Your World is About to Begin!


Glory to God in Heaven and on Earth peace to men of good will.

Who is like God, Who is like God, Who is like God. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Brothers in the love of God, may the peace of the Most High be with you, and both my humble intercession and protection accompany you.

Days of spiritual battle are coming and the vast majority of humanity will be caught unprepared. Evil and sin hold this humanity blinded, living in a spiritual lethargy and asleep. I assure you that many will die eternally. Brothers, we are in spiritual combat with the hosts of evil in Heavenly places. Soon these battles will be transferred to Earth because it will be there where the final battle for your freedom will be fought.

As Prince of the Heavenly Army I appeal to you, terrestial militia, to be ready and prepared, because the time of spiritual combat in your world is about to begin. May your spiritual armor be oiled with prayer and strengthened by fasting and penance. May you always be sealed with the Blood of the Divine Lamb; may you not forget to call on the Holy Spirit, nor the protection and assistance of our Beloved, our Queen and Lady.

Mortals, the time has come for your liberation; Do not relax your prayer! Form strongholds with your brothers and stand firm in the faith, always carrying in your hands the power of the Holy Rosary, with which you will be victorious in the spiritual combat of each day. Nighttime hours will be the most active in spiritual struggle; My Father is going to take the spirit of many of his instruments to fight with the Celestial Militia and with me against the forces of evil in the hours of darkness.

Brethren, do not forget to put on your spiritual armor from morning ‘til night, extending it to your relatives, so that the evil spirits can not seize your bodies. I tell you, he who separates himself from prayer and from God will risk being lost if there is no one to pray for him. We have been sent to protect the People of God, but it is your spiritual responsibility to pray, fast and do penance. Remember that we respect your free will; if you do not pray and you separate yourself from God, then we will not be able to deliver you from the attacks of the enemy of your soul.

Again I say to you: do not lie down without your spiritual armor because the demons are going to be looking for bodies to take over, and also to bring the battle to your homes. Make your homes spiritual strongholds where everything will be sealed with the Blood of the Lamb of God and no force of evil will be able to rob you of your peace. Always wear around your neck the power of the Rosary and holy images and medals, preferably exorcised. A medal of the Blood of the Lamb of God hanging around your neck will be of great help to you in your spiritual struggle because it will send away the embodied demons who will seek to attack you. Since the fight is spiritual, do not engage in contests with embodied spirits because that is what the adversary is looking for; to take revenge on you and harm you. When an embodied spirit is going to attack you, what you must do is to seal it with the Blood of Christ and to rebuke it spiritually with prayer, so that it can not harm you.

Brethren, evil spirits of all kinds and sins will soon inundate the Earth; therefore, you must be prepared spiritually, so that you can repel them with prayer. Learn by heart my Exorcism prayer given to Pope Leo XIII and my prayer of combat, because you are going to need them for the spiritual battle. Also, honor my brothers, the Archangels and Angels of the Kingdom of my Father; read the Holy Word of God and memorize Biblical passages and psalms of deliverance that serve to repel the spirits. Have loads of sacramentals in your homes: water, salt and oil of exorcism, because you are going to need them to drive away the forces of evil. Do not forget to anoint yourself with oil of exorcism all over your body and to take sacramentals so that you protect yourself from the spiritual contaminations that will be scattered in the air. Feed yourselves on spiritual food; Go as often as you can to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because the days are drawing near when the Houses of my Father are going to be closed and you will no longer have it. So, be prepared and ready because the spiritual battles are about to come to your world.

May the peace of the Most High abide in you.

We are your Brothers and Servants, Michael the Archangel and the Angels and Archangels of the Heavenly Militia.

Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God. Allelujah, Allelujah, Allelujah.

Men of good will, make our messages known.

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