Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, July 21, 2017

Urgent Call of Jesus in the Blessed ​​Sacrament to His faithful people.

Jesus: Ungrateful and sinful generation, your days are numbered, weighted and measured!


My peace be with you, My children.

This ungrateful and sinful humanity is more distant from Me. If it were not for the Divine Intervention, I assure you that there would be no inhabitants for My New Creation.

The evil and sin of this generation has surpassed all limits, breaking the Holy Precepts is a habit today. The sin of this generation of these last times is so great that it has affected the code of love with which the universe was created, the creatures and everything that exists.

O ungrateful and sinful generation, your days are numbered, weighed and measured! It overwhelms me to see your indifference and ingratitude, I seek all means to save you, but you turn your back on me and not your face. My Justice has already begun, and what will become of you creatures?

When you wake up from your lethargy there will be no one to listen to you; you will cry out and you will beat your chest, you will beg for forgiveness, but it will be too late; the night of My Justice will envelop you and the veil of eternal death will cover you. There will be no memory of those in this generation who lived in wickedness and sin.

My children, I see with sadness the Calvary that My Church is carrying and I see with immense pain how many of My beloved ones from within are destroying It. The sin of impurity, rebellion, arrogance, craving for power, modernism and the scandals of many of My Cardinals and Pastors, are thorns that pierce My Head.

Oh how many lashes I receive from many of My Beloved who proclaim My Word to the four winds, but they do not put it into practice! The scandals of impurity of many of My Pastors are scattering my sheep, causing them to lose faith.

I tell you unfaithful Pastors that on the day of My Warning, I will hold you accountable; and, woe to those unfaithful Shepherds, because they will know the weight of my Justice!

Because of the arrogance, negligence and misbehavior of many of My beloved ones, it is because of that My flock is scattered like sheep without shepherd. The spirits of Asmodeus and Jezebel have taken over my Church.

The scandals of impurity, together with the rebellion and disobedience of many of My Pastors, are bringing decision to My Church that will make it suffer the greatest Schism in Its history.

The spiritual hecatomb will lead to a crisis of faith to a large part of the Catholic world. My Church will shake, but it will not fall; because I am the Rock that sustains it. Truly I tell you, the forces of evil will never prevail against Her.

Woe to Judas who will betray Me, for if they do not repent, they already know the place that awaits them in eternity! When they come before Me, the pay they will receive will be eternal death. I tell you traitors that there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth there; That will be the pay you will receive for your betrayal.

Listen to My Words High Ranks and Shepherds of My flock; put them into practice and straighten your path, because the day is approaching when you will come before Me and your works will be weighed. If I find you lacking in weight, my sentence will be for you: Depart from Me, I do not know you!

My peace I leave you, My peace I give you.

Repent and convert yourselves, for the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Master, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

Make my messages known to all of mankind, My children.

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