Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Urgent Call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His flock.

If you sin, go immediately to one of My priests and confess.


Sheep of My flock, My peace be with you.

My flock, the night is coming to this ungrateful and sinful humanity, which continues in his mad race of debauchery and sin; they refuse to listen to My voice and fulfill My precepts.

Poor mortals, you will be caught by My Justice without being prepared! They continue like in the times of Noah, marrying, buying and selling, carrying their daily life, without paying attention to the calls of Heaven.

My Justice will come suddenly and they will not have the time to repent.

My Justice will come like a dream and what a sadness that many will not return to wake up again; this humanity does not learn from the mistakes of the past, he continues to repeat and repeat his offenses to God; the Precepts of the Most High are broken daily by the overwhelming majority.

They do not know that God sees everything, knows everything, judges everything and rules everything with Wisdom. Man is born, grows and carries out God's plan in Divine Will; All created beings have a reason to be and to exist and all in the Divine Will already exists.

Man comes to this world not to create, but to make reality of what already existed. All that has passed by comes back and there is nothing hidden that will be unknown. The life of man without fear of God, is vanity of vanities.

My flock, I feel great sadness at seeing so much evil and so much human degradation; satan and his demons go loose and every day they are seizing more of humanity. All the violence, hatred, resentment, suicide, abuse and human misery in general, is the product of the action that the demons are applying on the minds of men separated from God.

The vast majority of humanity has turned their back on Me, that is why the demons come to possess them. There are already many souls possessed by demons, spilling the gates of blood and committing execrable acts.

My flock, pray at all times, for My adversary walks around like a roaring lion, seeking those to devour. Make of your mind a spiritual fortress, invoke the power of My Blood at all times, because My adversary is attacking your mind; he is instilling false thoughts, false suggestions, false imagination, deceit, impurities, suicidal thoughts, envy and other sins of the flesh; he seeks with this to make you fall into temptation and to sin, so to seize your soul.

My children, if you sin, go immediately to one of My priests and confess your sin: do not let time pass by so that you are not to open the doors to My adversary; all My sheep must remain in My Grace, because the attacks inside your mind will be stronger every day.

Do not lose your head with the attacks, pray and rebuke with the power of My Blood and say:

Mighty Blood of Salvation, fight the enemy of My soul in My body, mind and spirit (three times).

I assure you, if you do, the demon will flee from you. Therefore remain prayerful and vigilant, so that you may not fall into temptation and into sin, for you well know that what is at stake is the salvation of your soul. My peace I leave you, My peace I give you.

Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Master, Jesus the Good Shepherd

Let My messages be known to all mankind, sheep of My flock.

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