Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Urgent call of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to His faithful People.

Pray for the inner healing of the child that is in you.


My peace be with you, My children.

This world is in under the power of darkness, My faithful Sons are suffering the attacks of the evil one and his emissaries of evil.

My People have begun to walk through the desert of purification; all the demons of flesh are going loose and many souls will be lost under the attacks of these evil entities.

Your mind is a battlefield, for this reason you must protect it with prayer, especially with the combative prayer; binding and chaining in My Name any captive thought that wants to rob peace from you.

My children, close with forgiveness, confession, fasting, prayer and penance, every spiritual door that you may have open, so that no demon of the flesh can make you be lost. Pray for Inner Healing, forgiving from the heart all those who have harmed you throughout your life and asking for forgiveness to all those that you have offended. Only through forgiveness the soul's sores that are open can be closed; only by forgiving and by forgiving yourselves, you can heal inside.

My flock, all lack of forgiveness gathers in the subconscious and in time, it turns into resentment; the rooted resentment turns into hatred and hatred into bitterness; All these are the demons of unforgiveness that will mortify the mind of those who resist forgiving. Traumas, insecurities, fears, depressions, anxieties, nervousness and other mental problems, are the product of lack of forgiveness; every root of bitterness is lack of love and forgiveness.

Pray for your inner child within you, if you suffered childhood traumas due to physical or psychological abuse, abuse, or lack of love. I tell you this, My children, because the immense majority of the psychological problems of the adults have their roots in childhood due to traumas caused by abuse.

If the child within you is traumatized, he will mortify the mind of the adult and will cause depression and fear. Pray then My little ones for the inner healing of the child that is in you, so that you can have peace in your mind, body and spirit, and thus no mental demon can affect your balance.

Come to My Tabernacles and ask Me the healing of your inner abused child and I will gladly do so, if you open your heart to forgiveness and let yourself be flooded by the strength of My love that will set you free.

I am the Perfect Love and in love there is no fear.

Come closer to Me, do not be afraid, tear your heart and open it to forgiveness and I assure you that all your fears, insecurities, depressions and traumas, will disappear and will no longer disturb the peace of your soul.

I wait for you My little ones, do not delay, bathe at the Spring of Forgiveness, Love and Mercy and you will be cleansed. Peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Repent and convert, because the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Let My messages be known, My children, to all humanity.

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