Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Urgent Call of Mary Help of Christians, to the people of God. Message to Enoch.

After the Warning you will no longer be the same.


Little children, the peace of my Lord be with you all and my Love and Maternal Protection always accompany you.

Little ones, be very attentive because great manifestations in the sky are going to be given you, before the arrival of the Warning. The Heavens are going to manifest you in the clouds and you will witness phenomena never seen before by any eye. The arrival of the Warning is very close and what a sadness that there are still many still thinking that this event is for the future. No my children, you are very wrong, your passage through eternity is about to be given; that is why Heaven is announcing it, so that you prepare yourselves and you are not caught by surprise.

Little children, after the Warning you will no longer be the same, in eternity you will be transformed; my Son will give His flock the gifts and the charismas they need to face the great spiritual battle, all His sheep will be sealed on their forehead with the Blood of the Lamb. This is the sign that will distinguish my Son's flock from my adversary's one. The people of God will shine with their light and they will be ready for the great spiritual combat. Many Blessed Souls who in this world fought against the devil will accompany you in your spiritual fight. Myriads of Archangels and Angels will also be with you; And I, your Mother, will be in the company of Michael and of the Heavenly Armies, leading the Great Army of God.

My children, the Illuminati elites that serve my adversary are already ready to welcome the false messiah. All the media of communication and the vast majority of the rulers of this world await the signal to begin the show of deceit in their respective nations. This deception will include projections of images in the sky, to make the vast majority of humanity think that my Son has returned to this world. Do not let yourselves be deceived, my Son will no longer come to this world; my Son comes in glory and splendor, as King to reign upon His people in the New and Heavenly Jerusalem. Millions of souls will be lost by this deceit; they will open their hearts to the false messiah and they will worship him as if he were the same God. What a sadness I feel in my Heart of Mother, in seeing the ingratitude of so many who will turn their back on my Son, to follow the doctrine of the false god! Poor souls, when they wake up from the deceit, will be too late for them.

Little Children, during the time of the last reign of my adversary, you have to intensify your prayer, fasting and penance, because the attacks to your being the demons will increase. Remember that it is his last reign, hellis going to move to earth and demons of all classes and ranks will be in your world, seeking by any means to make the greatest number of souls be lost. The demons of the flesh will take human form to seduce men and women, seeking with their lust the fall of many.

Do not forget my children that my adversary knows you and knows about your weaknesses; therefore you must run to close with prayer, fasting, penance and confession, every open spiritual door that you have for unconfessed sins. Remember about the thirty three Eucharists in sequence so that you close the inter-generational doors; offer in the Masses at the moment of the elevation, your paternal and maternal family tree and your ancestors, so that you will be liberated from these burdens. It is time for my children to be clinging to God, like the branches to the vine; For the days of the great spiritual combat are approaching, where you will be put to the test until you shine like crucibles.

Again I say to you, here is your Mother, count on Me; accompany Me with the Prayer of my Holy Rosary and my Maternal Protection will protect you from all evil and danger. Take courage my children, don't be afraid! If you stay at my side, I will take care of you, as the hen does with her chicks.

May the peace of my Lord remain in you.

Your Mother, Mary Help of Christians.

Let my messages be known to all mankind.

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