Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Urgent call of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to His faithful people. Message to Enoch.

The Calvary for my Church is approaching.


My children, my Peace be with you.

My little ones, the earth and humanity very soon will be purified with fire falling from the sky; fire that will cleanse your world of all the chaff of sin and of evil. Woe to the ungodly nations, for you are going to know the power of my Father's Arm of Justice that will be unleashed against them! When the safer humanity is going to feel, the days of anguish and tribulation will come; in a fraction of seconds everything will change and what you know today will cease to exist; this humanity will not be able to stand up, that another calamity will be coming to it.

The days of the great trial are approaching, days of scarcity, famine and tribulation, like never before seen on earth. What a sadness that through pain, suffering and purification, this humanity awakens! The Schism will mark the beginning of the sufferings and, woe to those who continue being kept asleep by sin, for in truth I say for unto you, there will be no more dawn for them!

My children, very soon my Houses will be closed, my daily Worship suspended, and my Tabernacles desecrated, many will be looking for Me and will not find Me, I will only be found by my Faithful People. Anguish and despair will seize the lukewarm and sinful humanity; my Spirit will depart from the immense majority who walk in sin and in spiritual lukewarmness. Then you will know ungrateful humanity, what means to live without the Spirit of God that gives life. The darkness and its master will take over the world and the darkness will be so great that only the lamps lit with the prayer of my Faithful People will shine.

Flock of mine, the Calvary for my Church is approaching, the scandals in it and the misinterpretation of the new reforms, will cause the Schism to blow up; which will be the most destructive in the history of my Church. My Church will be flogged by the Scourge of division, the rebels will move away from it and they will carry with them a great number of souls. They will establish a new Church and this one will totally serve my adversary; another Pope will be appointed; Rome will lose her faith and will burn in its seven hills. The new church will be the sewer of the demons, where there will be no morals, but debauchery and sin; everything is ready to give the start to the Church of the New Age, led by the ecclesiastical Freemasonry and oriented by my adversary.

Millions of souls will lose their faith and will move away from my Church, and many for lack of knowledge will join the rebels. The church of the new age will worship Satan and will give cult to him; it will be the church of debauchery and sin, where there will be no compromise, no crosses, no narrow path to walk on nor a tight one. Everything will be allowed, no one will he a sinner; under the motto of Love everyone will be absolved of their sins. O Judas, clothed in purple, many of you will be my executioners; again you will hand the Son of Man, represented in his Church, over to my adversary! Your hour is coming, what you have to do, do it quickly. Woe to those who will hand my Church that I am over, for I truly tell you, that your pay will be the eternal death!

My disciples, come and console Me, I am overcome by loneliness and by sadness in seeing the betrayal that I am going to suffer from those who claim to be of my family and who swore to be faithful to Me. My suffering is great at receiving the floggings of their betrayal, the thorns of their ingratitude, and the cross of the division of my Church; my Calvary is approaching, don't leave Me alone; I am the Prisoner of Love who begs for your company, I thirst for consoling souls who come to my Houses to mitigate my suffering. Do not pass by in distance from my Houses, enter to visit Me; I am the Loved One who is not Loved who asks you like a beggar a handout of love and of company. I'm waiting for you, don't be late.

Your Beloved, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

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