Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, November 7, 2019

Urgent Call of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to His faithful people. Message to Enoch.

A new sexual aberration is taking place in this sinful world.


My children, my Peace be with you.

My Beloved children, the sins of sexual impurity are leading many souls to eternal damnation. Same-sex relationships are an offence to God's Love and Mercy. Very soon, the world will be ruled by leaders and lesbian and homosexual societies, who will be in charge to impose their culture, doctrine and customs at all costs. During the time of the New World Order, these societies will persecute, imprison, torture, and make disappear all those who are Christians or who do not agree with their ideology, or doctrine.

My children, a new sexual aberration is taking place in this sinful world; I tell you about the so-called bestiality or zooerastia, which consists of sexual relationship of humans with animals. Thousands of impure and depraved men and women are having sexual relation with animals and they are adopting them as their partners. Woe to all those who abuse of an irrational creature, to satisfy their sexual instincts, for I truly tell you, that the pay they will receive, will be their eternal death! This aberration of men and women, having sex with animals, will awaken an incurable disease, worse than AlDS, syphilis, or any other sexually transmitted disease. They will rot in life, and there will not be any drug or medicine able to cure them.

Many animals, especially dogs and cats, have been treated as if they were human beings; it is sad to see how they deny love, care and affection to a human being, to give it to an animal. Animals must be taken in care of and be protected, given affection, but never personalize them and treat them as if they were human beings. Many couples in the world today prefer to adopt an animal than to procreate a child; this causes great sadness in Heaven and it goes against the Divine will Who created them man and woman, blessed them and said to them: grow and multiply. (Genesis 1.27, 28)

My children, I am very saddened to see the social, moral and spiritual breakdown in which the vast majority of this ungrateful humanity lies, which has already hit the bottom; what comes for her will be the Divine Justice with all its weight and rigor. Because of the increase of evil and sin present in this world today, the Justice of God will come to you faster than it is written in His Holy Word. Poor those who continue sinning and sinning, for the Divine Justice will make them disappear in a breath!

Ungrateful children, come and visit Me, for I am about to depart; do not be afraid. come closer and let's talk together; drop in Me, all your work, hardship, pains and needs, that I will carry for you and will make your burdens lighter and more bearable. Do not leave Me alone, for the loneliness in which I find myself in hurts Me because of your ingratitude. I am waiting for you in the silence of my Tabernacles. Do not be late!

Your Beloved, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Let my messages be known to all mankind, my Beloved Children.

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