Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, May 11, 2020

Call of Mary Rosa Mystica to the People of God. Message to Enoch

Children, Allocate a Space in Your Home for Prayer and Gathering, Where You Can Pray to God and Pray My Holy Rosary, Without Noises or Interruptions!


Little children of my Heart, the Peace of my Lord be with you and my Maternal Protection always accompany you

My Beloved Children, do not fear the purification tests, if you put into practice all the instructions that we have sent you through our Messengers, nothing or no one will harm you. Prayer, fasting and penance, in community, will be your greatest strength against the forces of evil. Little children, allocate a space in your home for prayer and gathering, where you can pray to God and pray my Holy Rosary, without noises or interruptions. This place of prayer will protect you and will be a light in your homes for the days of confinement and darkness that are approaching.

In this room you must raise an altar with the Crucifix, the Holy Word of God, an image that represents me in one of these advocations: Fatima, Rosa Mystica or Miraculous. An image of the Good Shepherd, the Holy Trinity, and images of Our Loved Ones, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael and the Holy Family of Nazareth. Water, salt and oil, duly blessed or preferably exorcised. Everything on the altar must be blessed by one of my Favorites. This space in your homes will be the place where you will be in communication with Heaven.

The homes where these altars are erected must profess the Catholic faith, and there must be at least one God-fearing person who is in charge of praying and interceding for the other members of the family. The instrument or instruments of God in these homes should pray for all those, who are in their family separated from God. They must pray my Rosary every day and then pray with the exorcism of Our Beloved Michael, so that the chains of sin and lack of faith are broken in those homes. Every day the instrument of God in your homes must read and meditate on the Holy Word and most importantly be in God's Grace. In the time of the great tribulation those homes will be protected by the prayer of the instruments of the Lord, who dwell in them. During the Warning, families alienated from God by sin or spiritual lukewarmness, will be turned into attention to the instrument or instruments of God who pray and intercede for them. I want to clarify that if there are no ill-lived people in these homes, that is, in adultery, fornication, free union, or union of same-sex couples; if there is no impurity in those homes and there are fruits of conversion through the prayer of the instruments, that, after the Warning, I will choose them as Marian Refuges, the sign of this choice will be my manifestation in them.

Go ahead, my children, heaven will not abandon you; remain united to Our Two Hearts; pray and intercede together with me, for all sinners in your families and the whole world; and Divine Mercy will convert them and free those souls from the eternal fire. Remember that I am your Mother and if you turn to my Son and to Me, you will never be disappointed.

Stay in the Peace of my Lord.

Your Mother, Maria Rosa Mystica

Make my messages known to all humanity, my Beloved Children

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