Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, July 6, 2020

Call from God the Father to His Faithful People. Message to Enoch

I Announce to You, My Children: Days Are Coming of Great Tribulation and Purification, Due to Sin and Evil, of the Vast Majority of This Impious Generation That Has Already Hit Rock Bottom!


My Peace be with you, Israel.

Thus says the Lord:

My Prophet: Tell My people that a new pandemic is about to break out and it will be more deadly than the one you are experiencing. Humanity will remain confined and confinements will be longer. It is not I, your Father, who is the cause of these misfortunes, it is the hand of man and his science at the service of evil, which is causing these pandemics. Remember that I respect your free will, it is the evil that inhabits the heart and mind of the Elite, who calls himself "enlightened" those who are causing all this disaster.

If you, My people, come to Me and pray the prayers of protection that I have sent you, together with the medicine from heaven, I assure you that no evil, virus or plague can harm you. But if you turn away from Me, doing your will above My Will, I assure you that the wickedness of the wicked will be unloaded on you. I announce to you, My children: days are coming of great tribulation and purification, due to sin and evil, of the vast majority of this impious generation that has already hit rock bottom. All the wicked will feel the rigor of My Justice, which will disappear with a breath. They will all be like straw that will burn in the path of My Justice. It will be difficult days for you, My inheritance; days of trial that will purify you until you shine like Crucibles; Only those who remain united in faith, love and trust in God will be able to overcome these tests.

My people, the Schism in the Church of My Son, the war, the economic crisis, the famine, the viruses, plagues, pandemics and the fury of My Creation, are some of the tests that will purify you. The woes are beginning, who can save Daughter of Zion, in the days of My Just wrath? Oh Israel, your children have abandoned My Decrees, they have turned their backs on me and they have prostituted themselves, they worship strange gods; evil and sin have taken over My people; That is why you will walk into exile, desolation will accompany you and death will mourn you, until you recognize me and praise My people as your only God!

Prepare yourselves Israel, because the time of My Justice is knocking at your door, I will come as a thief in the night; May your lamps as the sensible maidens be lit with prayer, fasting and penance, so that the Angel of My Justice does not hurt you and pass you by. The Great and Terrible day of the Lord approaches, the sun and the moon darken and the stars lose their brightness. I will make My voice of Thunder heard from Mount Zion; the earth will tremble; but I, your God, will be a protective refuge for My People. (Joel 3. 15, 16)

Stay in My peace, My people, My inheritance

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of the Nations

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