Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, July 9, 2020

Urgent Call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Rebellious Sheep. Message to Enoch

Rebellious Sheep! What Are You Waiting to Return to the Fold?


Sheep of My flock, My Peace be with you

My flock, everything is being fulfilled as it is written, what comes out of My mouth does not return to Me without having given the fruit that I expect. This humanity did not want to listen to me, it refuses to put into practice the instructions that heaven sends through its messengers, the great trials are coming and they continue to turn their backs on me and not their faces. Millions of souls will be lost.

Sluggish humanity, wake up at once! Look at the number of signs and signals in Heaven and on Earth that are being given to you to awaken from your torpor and return to God. Signs and signals that call you to sincere conversion and that warn you of the parousia of your King and Savior. Ungrateful and sinful humanity, do not continue to be numbed by sin, because the time of Divine Justice does not know about Mercy and it will take you away from God!

Sheep of My Flock, the rider of war, desolation and death, is coming; he has already begun to pour his chalice on the inhabitants of the Earth. War will extinguish the voice of a third of humanity, its scourge will strike all nations. My flock, everything has been planned by the great Kings and the Elites, who govern this world, so that the warlike conflict of recent times extends to all nations and decimates a large part of the world population. War will be used to spread silent death through the air of the nations. No place on earth will escape the scourge of war, conspiracies will abound and nations allied with the red dragon of communism will attack without warning or declaration of war those nations that serve the Great Country of the North. The Eagle of the great Nation of the North will fall; the Red Dragon of communism will dominate the world for a time; his dominion will extend until the last reign of the Antichrist. The Hammer and Sickle will subdue the nations and My Flock will walk into exile.

Rebellious sheep! What are you waiting to return to the fold? I am making My last calls to you; Answer with bleating so that I can listen and rescue you, because I am already at the door of the fold and very soon I will close it, and you will no longer be able to enter. It is your life that is at stake, remember that the wolves are already on the loose and seek to devour you and steal your soul. Hurry up, don't be late, so you don't have to regret!

My Peace I leave with you, My peace I give you. Repent and convert, for the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher and Shepherd, Jesus the Good Shepherd

Make My messages of salvation known to all mankind, My flock

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