Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to His Flock. Message to Enoch

Beware My Flock, You Fall into the Deceit of the False Messiah; Remember That You Cannot See or Hear Him, Because He Has the Power to Make You Love and Accept Him As God!


My Peace be with you, Sheep of My Flock

My children, My flock is beginning to be hunted, the wolves have begun to scatter My sheep to make them fall on the cliff. In many nations the persecution and mistreatment of My flock has already begun; in the time of the New World Order in all nations there will be persecution, torture, imprisonment, disappearance and death, of My faithful flock. The wolves are on the loose and many are camouflaging themselves in My flock, to disperse it and make it lose. Be very careful sheep of My flock with those who flatter you or appear like the Pharisee in the temple, very pious to be seen, but their way of acting is not consistent with what they do and say.

Again I say to you: do not reveal your heart to anyone, be quick to listen and slow to speak; Analyze very well the people who approach you to make friends and ask My Holy Spirit for much discernment so that you can discern the good from the bad. Truly I tell you: by its fruits you will know the tree, because you well know that every good tree bears good fruit and every bad tree bears bad fruit; treachery and deception is the garment of wolves. Take care then, My flock, of these wolves in sheep's clothing that will come to you with sweet words, but that plot evil in their hearts and seek your perdition and fall.

My flock, My incarnate adversary is already among you in the company of his evil servants; His emissaries are looking by all means to make the greatest number of souls lose, so that when My adversary makes his declaration to the world and makes himself known, he will have millions of followers. The doctrine of the New Age, like weeds, has been spreading throughout the world and many are embracing it; the way for My adversary's public appearance is paved. The children of darkness have begun to announce their appearance, the false messiah will very soon show himself to the world speaking of love and peace, saying that he is the messiah expected by all humanity.

Beware My flock, you fall into the deceit of the false messiah; remember that you cannot see or hear him, because he has the power to make you love and accept him as God! The one who will show himself to you Sheep of My Flock very soon, is not I, your Eternal Shepherd, but the wolf disguised as a shepherd who comes to steal the soul of the vast majority of humanity, apart from Me.

My flock, the days that you are living are already dark, may your Spiritual Armor be well oiled with prayer and reinforced with My Psalm 91. You are soldiers of My earthly militia, be ready then: girdling yourself the belt of truth, putting on the breastplate of justice, the shield of faith, so that you can cut off the flaming darts of the evil one, wearing the helmet of salvation on your head, and on your feet the sandals of peace, so that you may proclaim the gospel and the sword of justice, which is My Word. (Ephesians 6, 10, 18) The final battle for your freedom is about to begin; Courage, fear not, Heaven will not abandon you; remember, the victory belongs to your God, it is written!

My peace I leave you, My peace I give you. Repent and convert, because the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher and Shepherd, Jesus the Good Shepherd of all times.

Make known My messages of salvation to all humanity, sheep of My flock

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