Prayers to Unite with Holy Love

Prayers taught by Heaven to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle at Holy Love, North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA

Mass And Eucharistic Adoration

“But I have come to tell you what the adversary does not want you to hear; that is, that every Mass you attend, every Communion you receive, every Holy Hour you make, every prayer or Rosary you say, weakens the enemy forever in some soul somewhere in the world. This is the way to victory, little by little—one soul at a time patiently persevering in Holy Love.”

Jesus’ Monthly Message to All Nations October 5, 2001

Prayers Before Mass

Consecration to the United Hearts

Most Worthy, United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, I willingly consecrate myself this day to You. I surrender to You all I own, both interior and exterior. Let my life be a continual hymn of praise to Your Most Holy United Hearts. Take the victories and defeats of this moment into Your Hearts. Use them, as You need them, to bring about Your triumphant reign. Amen.

Prayer to Jesus in the Eucharist

My Jesus, I believe in You - truly present in all the tabernacles of the world. I surrender to You my sins and all the love I have in my heart. I beg Your forgiveness for those who do not believe in You and do not love You.

Prayer before Communion

O my Sweet Jesus. I approach Your altar only because I am dressed in grace. I beg an outpouring of Your mercy on all those who approach Your altar in a state of mortal sin. My Jesus, accept this humble prayer in atonement for the many sacrileges committed against Your Real Presence. Amen.

Tabernacle Prayer

O Jesus, ever present in the tabernacles of the world, receive my love, my adoration, and my consolation. Free the sinner from bondage. Convert the lukewarm. We ask this in Your Most Holy Name, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Communion Prayer

Jesus, March 11, 2005

Dear Jesus, as I approach Your altar to receive You in the Holy Eucharist, let me desire nothing but Divine Union with You.

Stand guard over my heart, defending me against all distractions and attacks against my Faith. Let me think of nothing but the great love You have for me—that You would come to me in so lowly a form as a piece of bread. Help me in my imperfect love to return love to You. Amen.

Prayers After Communion

Prayer After Holy Communion

Or As a Spiritual Communion

Jesus, October 31, 2005

Dear Jesus, miraculously present in the Holy Eucharist, unite my heart to Your Eucharistic Heart. In this most precious moment when You are physically present in my heart, bring me into union with Divine Love, and hold me there always. Amen.

“I desire you recite this little prayer after Holy Communion. If you learn to recite it often throughout the day, it would also serve as a Spiritual Communion. It will strengthen the Remnant Faithful. It is at communion the Lord finds rest in the temple of your heart.”

Prayer for Humility

Dear Jesus, recreate my heart today in humility. Let my every thought, word, and deed be for Your greater honor and glory, never my own. Show me the areas of pride in my life and help me to overcome my pride. I ask this in Your Most Holy Name, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for Spiritual Healing

Dear Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me. I am sinful, I am proud, I am even jealous. I beg You, Heart of Jesus, wash me clean of all my wrongdoing and make me whole again in Your eyes. Take me to rest in Your Sacred Heart that I may spend this day in peace and love. Protect me with Your Most Precious Blood from all evil. Amen.

Communion Meditations

January 28, 2003
Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He says: “Good day! Praise be to Jesus. Today I have come to give the world some meditations as they approach the Divine Presence in the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.”

“Imagine, if you will, Anna and Simeon in the temple awaiting the arrival of their Messiah. In their hearts they recognized His Divine Presence, as the young Mary carried Him into the temple. When you are about to receive Him—Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity—ask for the same grace—that you will recognize His Presence.”

“Imagine the joy of the Wise Men and the shepherds when they came upon their Savior after following the star. Let grace be the ‘star’ that leads you to discover Jesus in the tabernacle.”

“Imagine Blessed Mother’s joy after searching for Her Son for three days when She comes upon Him speaking in the temple. Imagine Her love and exaltation as He placed His youthful Hand in Hers.”

“Imagine John the Baptist in the womb of his mother—who, upon just hearing Mary’s greeting as She approached—was sanctified.”

“Finally, imagine Blessed Mother’s joy as She was reunited with Her Beloved Son after He rose from the dead.”

“Never receive the Holy Eucharist matter-of-factly. Approach Him with love and longing in your heart.”

Reflections on the Mass

July 16, 1999

Jesus: “When you come before Me, let it always be as though it were the first time, the first moment of your understanding of My Real Presence. When you receive Me, let it be as My Most Holy Mother received Me at the Annunciation. Ask for the grace. It is given. Ask for the grace to allow Me to stay within the tabernacle of your heart after you receive Me—to linger there—to languish in your soul. I delight in those that desire My Presence. Oh, how I do take delight in them! Believe and have faith that I choose it for each soul.”

November 5, 2003
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus: “If you are Catholic and listening to Me, I invite you to comprehend the most important part of your day should be Holy Mass. Much preparation should precede the prayer of the Mass, and much thanksgiving should follow it. Do not let others dictate to you your posture or demeanor in the precious moments after you receive Me in the Holy Eucharist. This is My special time with each soul and needs to be saturated with reciprocating love between the soul and Me. This moment in the interior forum must not be violated by community. Such a practice further reduces the importance of the sacrament of My Real Presence. When each soul is strengthened and nourished in this private moment with their Creator, the entire community will be strengthened. Do not fear putting into practice what I tell you today.”

October 31, 2005
Message to the Remnant Faithful

Our Lady: “Certain practices are being presented to you, My children, as favorable—even Vatican approved. The time after you receive the Sacred Eucharist is the special time between you and the Lord. Remember, in Holy Love we must love God above all else. This means He must be first. After My Son comes into your heart, it is a time for union with Divine Love. The Holy Father never asked you to stand and sing and be united with each other at this special moment of grace. These are all distractions. Do not be tricked into thinking otherwise. Do not relinquish this most cherished time with My Jesus to some avant-garde practice.”

September 22, 1999

Jesus: “Just as I am physically present in the Eucharist, My Mother is spiritually present. If My Mother is spiritually present to you as you pray the Rosary, think how She must also be present spiritually as you receive Me in the Blessed Sacrament. My Mother stands guard over the tabernacles of the world. Is She not also guarding the tabernacle of your heart as you receive Me?”

April 23, 2001
Conversation with Divine Love

Jesus: “When you receive Me under the form of the Eucharist, your heart becomes a tabernacle of Divine Love—Divine Mercy, for I am truly present in your heart during these moments just as I am truly present in the tabernacles of the world.”

“It is during these precious moments in time that I cradle your soul in My Heart of hearts. I caress your petitions and press them into Divine Love. Treasure these moments as I do.”

January 19, 2000

Jesus: “Understand, child, that when you receive Me under the humble form of the Holy Eucharist that you are receiving Divine Love. All of the Chambers of My Heart are open to you at that moment. Yet My Majesty remains humbly hidden, visible only to those who believe.”

December 2, 2002

Jesus: “I come today to help you understand that My Sacred Heart and My Eucharistic Heart are One. Since My Eucharistic Sacred Heart is Divine Love, each time you receive this Sacred Species, you are receiving a little Spark of the Flame of Divine Love. How I desire to keep this Spark alive in each heart always!”

December 5, 2002
Monthly Message to the Remnant Faithful

Jesus: “The closest any soul can come to Me is in the reception of the Holy Eucharist. Let every Mass be an advent then, in anticipation of My coming.”

February 8, 2003

St. Thomas Aquinas: “Through the Eucharist, the Will of God is present in the world—completely, perfectly and eternally. Then, understand that the Fifth Chamber— union with the Divine Will—is offered to each one who partakes of the Holy Eucharist.”

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June 22, 2003
Feast of Corpus Christi

Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, when you receive Me under the form of bread and wine in the Most Holy Eucharist of the altar, you receive in entirety My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. It is only when a soul gives in to any form of pride that I leave his heart. Long to be with Me, as I long to be with you.”

April 29, 2005

Jesus: “My brothers and sisters, today I come to remind you that the Holy Eucharist is a Sacrament of Love. In this Sacrament, your love for Me and My Love for you unite and become one. I want to make of your hearts shining lights of Divine Love in the world.”

Eucharistic Adoration

Benefits of Eucharistic Adoration

December 30, 2002

Jesus: “But I have come to you seeking your assistance. I need each one’s cooperation with grace. Pray your Rosaries and ask for peace in hearts. Make holy hours of reparation before My Real Presence.”

“Here are the benefits of one holy hour well-made:”

“When you lay your petitions at the foot of the altar, angels carry them to Heaven.”

“When you make a holy hour and then recite an Our Father, Hail Mary and All Glory Be for the intentions of the Holy Father, the punishment due your sins is remitted. Or, if you offer these same prayers, but give the graces earned to a poor soul in Purgatory, he will be released.”

“The practice of making a daily holy hour brings truth to light and scatters darkness.”

“I draw into My Sacred Heart those who esteem My Real Presence. They will be drawn quickly through the Chambers of the United Hearts. I will convict their consciences, making it difficult for them to resist Me.”

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Reflections on Eucharistic Adoration

January 25, 2005

Jesus: “In truth I tell you, there is no beginning nor end to this holy hour you offer Me. It began before time began and it reaches into eternity. My Father’s Will encapsulates it just as it embraces every present moment.”

November 25, 2006

St. Martin de Porres: “Dear sister, I have come to offer you this message. Please know and understand the great consolation Jesus feels in His Divine Heart whenever you pray before His Real Presence. As He is consoled, the stranglehold that Satan has upon the throat of the world is loosened, and souls are given knowledge as to their sinful ways...”

“Believe that one holy hour can save a soul and change the course of human history forever. Live as though you believe this profound truth.”

February 5, 2004
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation

Jesus: “When you honor Me in this hidden form of the Holy Eucharist, I am pleased to take all of your petitions and lay them upon the altar of My Heart. You have no need or concern that escapes Me.”

July 1, 1999
Feast of the Precious Blood

Jesus is standing by the tabernacle when I enter the chapel. He has a large host over His Heart with a bright light radiating from it. He says, “I desire people adore My Eucharistic Heart. I am Jesus, born of the flesh. As I came to earth clothed in humanity, understand I am still with you clothed in bread and wine. If people really believed in Me, this chapel would be overflowing. But truly I tell you, the time will come when this will be so. The confessionals will be full again, the churches filled to overflowing. How I languish in hopeful love as these times approach! I hold dear those who come to Me now to comfort Me in faith and love.”

“Make this known.”

August 7, 2002

Jesus: “When you begin to see tabernacles restored to their rightful place in the Churches, and Eucharistic Adoration esteemed by all, you will know My victory is at hand.”

Prayers and messages are taken from the books "Triumphant Hearts Prayer Book 2nd Edition" and "United Hearts Book of Prayers and Meditations", which you can download here.