The Queen of Prayer: The Holy Rosary

The Most Holy Rosary and various other rosary chaplets transmitted by Heaven

Rosary of Love

Revealed to the Seer Consolata Betrone/h4>


The rosary is prayed on normal rosary beads

The Holy Family

At the Beginning

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be to the Father

On the Large Beads

Sweet heart of Jesus, be my love! Sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation!

On the Small Beads

Jesus, Mary, I love You! Save our souls!

On the Last Three Beads

Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, make me love You more and more.

History and Origin

Consolata Betrone (1903-1946), an Italian Capuchin nun, was chosen by God to confirm to the world the doctrine of the way of spiritual childhood already taught by Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, giving it now a concrete and easy to be practiced by everyone.

Jesus promises that, every time this Act of Love is pronounced: "Jesus, Mary, I love You! Save souls", a soul will be saved. Repeated all the time everywhere, it attracts a shower of particular graces and, above all, prepares the triumph of divine mercy in the hearts of men as a new Pentecost on a worldwide scale.

You are not capable of great deeds, but you can offer Jesus and Mary, in your hearts, the "Act of Love". Learn how to be a Little Soul.

"Let the little ones come to Me, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven", said Jesus.

Jesus' Promises for every Act of Love:

Every time the Act of Love is uttered, "Jesus, Mary, I love You, save souls!", a soul is saved! It is a pure and perfect act of love, by which one gives to God what pleases Him most: love and souls. It is an act of perfect charity for the unceasing supplication in favor of all souls, those of the Church Militant (that is us, the living) and those of the Church Suffering (the souls in Purgatory). Repeated frequently, at every moment and everywhere, it attracts a shower of particular graces, and, above all, it prepares the triumph of Divine Mercy in human hearts: a new Pentecost on a worldwide scale.