Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Urgent Appeal from Mary, Rosa Mystica, to the Children of God.

Little Children, It is Time Now for You to Be Sealed and to Have Everything in Your Homes Sealed with the Blood of My Son. My Adversary is Going to Attack Homes in Order to Cause Discord in Them and to Separate Them!


Little children of my Heart, may the peace of my Lord be with you and my Motherly protection always accompany you.

Little ones, this year and those to follow will be years of prayer and spiritual combat. You must be prepared with your lamps lit by prayer, and clothed with your Spiritual Armor morning and night, extending it to your relatives, especially to those who are separated from God. Do not relax; you must pray because the hosts of evil will begin their attacks, which you will feel most strongly in your mind. Close every spiritual door that you are holding open by sins of the flesh with fasting, prayer and penance. My adversary will attack you through your weakest part and will seek to have you lost. Many souls are going to be possessed by demons for not being in God's grace and for walking without any spiritual protection.

Pray for your relatives most separated from God, extend your prayers, fastings, penances and Holy Masses for them, so that the demons can not seize their souls. The test is about to begin, in the midst of tribulations the Warning will come and you will pass through Eternity where you children of God will be strengthened in the Spirit, so that you can face the final stage of the test. Little children, it is time now for you to be sealed and to have everything in your homes sealed with the Blood of my Son. My adversary is going to attack homes in order to cause discord in them and to separate them. Destroying homes would destroy the remaining societies because the home is the first society created by God; it is in the home where the moral and spiritual bases are that will give rise and formation to the other societies.

My adversary will attack the part of the family that is weakest spiritually, causing conflict and quarrels between children and parents, parents and children, mother and father, and siblings with siblings. With this, he will seek to sow the weeds to divide and separate families. All those who walk without God and without law are going to be lost. Homes where they do not pray will be homes that my adversary will easily take over.

Little children, in every home God has placed an instrument to pray for the family. I appeal to all those instruments to awaken from their spiritual slumber and to begin to pray and to take up the spiritual arms that God has given them to protect themselves and to protect their families. The time to wake up has arrived; be alert and vigilant so that nothing catches you by surprise. Remember that it is not against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the Principalities and Powers, who originate the darkness in this world, the spiritual army of evil in the heavens. (Ephesians 6:12)

My children, do not enter into quarrels in your homes because that is what my adversary is seeking to be able to enter and destroy; do not follow this current. Those of you who are of God must pray and seal with the Blood of my Son those who are most separated from Him. The power of My Son's Blood applied to those who are most separated from God causes the demons to flee from them. Thus you are free from fruitless arguments and fights that only lead to resentments and divisions in the home. The power of prayer united to faith achieves great prodigies. Little children, life is not managed with violence, but with the power of the Holy Spirit, which can do everything; it transforms and vivifies; invoke Him and He will come to your aid and calm and pacify hearts. So, my children, follow my instructions and put them into practice in your life and in the life of your homes and families.

It is not with violence or fights that differences are resolved; it is with the power of prayer and with the Wisdom of the Spirit that everything must be managed in this world. Peace must be born in respect of man for man and you must ask God what true peace is. So, be prepared, little children, so that you can face the days of spiritual combat that are about to begin.

Your Mother, María Rosa Mystica, loves you.

Make known my messages to all mankind, little children of my heart.

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