Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, September 24, 2018

Urgent call from God the Father to His faithful people. Message to Enoch.

The tribulation that is coming, has never been seen on Earth.


My peace be with you, my People, my inheritance.

My little instrument, the time of my Mercy is about to be already consumed, it is only missing my Warning and the Miracle, for my Mercy to give pass to my Justice. In the measure that my Mercy is ending, my Justice is also manifesting itself, all the elements of my creation that are calm, with the arrival of my Justice, will begin to awake. The fury of nature and the upheaval of the universe are about to begin, when my Mercy gives pass to my Justice, you will know, inhabitants of the earth, that the days of the Great tribulation have come.

Everything for the moment is into tense calm and this makes many still believe that nothing will happen. My creation is stirred in some places, as a call to humanity to be prepared, but no, this humanity does not pay attention to the signals and the signs that are given daily. My creation shakes, my land cracks and opens in many places and from the sky great signs are being manifested, but to this humanity everything seems normal. Very soon, everything will unleash and there they will be panicking and will be hitting their chest and it will be too late for many.

Ungrateful and sinful humanity, my days of Divine Justice are coming, Who will be able to resist the days of my Just Wrath? Only those who hear my Voice and put my Precepts into practice will be the only ones who will be able to resist the passage of my Justice! Again I say to you, return to Me, before my Just Wrath is let loose; because in the time of my Justice, I will not hear you! Do not make yourselves deaf, pay attention to my calls because they will be your salvation tomorrow; Do not make yourselves blind, pay attention to the signals and the signs that heaven and the creation are giving you, because they announce that this world, as you know it, is about to pass. Do not continue to leave your conversion for the last moment, becausen I remind you that you are not going to have time; leave your stubbornness and as soon as possible return to Me. I am speaking to you as a Father, listen; respond to my calls because as a father I do not want your death, but that you live eternally.

Humanity of stiff neck, understand that as a Father it hurts Me to see my creatures lost, and more for you who are the most beloved created by Me. If you knew ungrateful humanity of the coming tribulation, surely you would leave everything and would look for Me with sincere heart. The tribulation that is about to come, has never been seen on Earth; I tell you that all the creation and the universe will be in commotion; there will be scarcity of everything, tragedies and misfortune will be unleashed in chain reaction; viruses and diseases will create pandemics, plagues and pest, will decimate much of humanity. Men will go mad and the hunger will make many lose their mind, to the point that many mothers will eat their own children. (Lamentations of Jeremiah 4, 10)

The God of money will roll on the ground and will no longer be of any use; it will no longer give men security or provide them food and protection. The pride and the arrogance of many who felt safe with their riches, will fall along with their idol; the immense majority of humanity will go mad and the rich and the powerful will see their fortunes falling like sand castles. Only those who have their faith and trust in the Lord will be able to survive those days of great tribulation that are about to begin.

My people, my inheritance, be prepared with your lamps lit with prayer, for the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord is approaching. That it does not happen to you like the foolish maidens who end up outside the banquet because they had no oil in their lamps. You remain awake and vigilant, for your Master is near and soon He will knock at the door of your soul.

Remain in my Peace, People of mine, my inheritance.

Your father, Yahweh, Lord of the Creation.

Let my messages be known in all the corners of the earth.

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